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We Help Reshape Workplace Culture

Simplify your labor needs by relieving your HR department of staffing headaches.  Keep ahead of your growing workforce needs while staying under budget.  We are your solution.

Services We Provide

Custom Workforce
Management Strategies

No two businesses are the same.  All require customized solutions based on their individual business traits.  We handle your workforce strategy so that you can focus on running your business rather than deal with the chaos of managing multiple agencies. 

Drug &
Alcohol Testing

We will report on site to test any placed vendor employee for alcohol and/or drug use upon reasonable suspicion to ensure that your facilities maintain the high standard of safety you expect.

Single Source

Handle all of your workforce concerns with one invoice, detailed, and broken down by vendor. 


During the requisition of staffing services, we facilitate a bidding process with our vendors to ensure that you receive a competitive rate.  We continue the negotiation until you are satisfied.

Vendor Management

Decide which vendors to use.  Select which vendor bid to accept.  Focus on budget, flexibility, or performance.  Allow us to negotiate on your behalf and field all phone calls, meetings, and sales calls.

Periodic Reviews

In order to maintain competitive rates for your company, we conduct periodic reviews of your staffing costs and work with our vendors to keep your costs as low as possibly.  We excel and helping minimize your labor budget.

About Us

After years of working in the staffing world, engaging in sales, staffing and recruiting for dozens of clients, we found that corporations had a general dislike for the staffing industry.  Sales people were pushy, agencies over promised and under delivered, and often companies chose to diversify their labor force with multiple agencies, thus, compounding these issues. 



It's our nature. Competition is healthy for our business world.  

How do you know you are getting a good deal?  

Because you know that the store down the street is selling the same thing at a 10% mark up.  


How do you know that the supply chain is not going to run dry?

Because you have several sources available at a moments notice for the items you need.


This is what we provide.  You can be assured of the best product for the best price with a constant supply.

We merge all vendor invoices into a single invoice for your labor.


We communicate with all the staffing agencies so you don't have to. 

We provide a single point of contact for all of your needs.  


Finally, hand out our name, number, email, and mailing address to each sales call you receive.  We would gladly speak with them about joining our service and further benefiting you.

Your Budget

The most expensive reoccurring cost of business is labor.  Yet, when businesses work through a staffing agency they seldom shop around for the best rate or the rate they want to pay.  We have time constraints and deadlines to meet so often the time and energy just aren't available.  

When you file a Request for Services with us, we send a Request for Bid to each of our contracted staffing agencies.  This competition obviously helps your bottom line.  


Additionally, we believe it healthy to maintain competition so we encourage our clients to allow us to set a timeframe to reinitiate the bidding process to ensure your rates are competitive.

Your Business

Having so many agencies under contract at once allows you to seamlessly move from one company to another with very little effort.  We've already done all the heavy lifting.  Need additional employees, we simply contact the company that won the last bid to see if they can perform.  Unhappy with vendor's performance, we send our another Request for Bid and change your provider without slowing down you operations. 
Want to diversify your labor force?  We manage multiple vendors for you.  You have the ability to set your own mark-up and we shop our vendors to see how many agencies will work at your price, dramatically increasing your labor pool.


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